Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vero Beach to Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sorry it's been a long time since updates but this working thing keeps getting in the way!! Anyway we left off in leaving Jensen Beach heading for Vero Beach. The trip was uneventful and hot! Unfortunately we did not get the camera out for this portion of the trip and the only picture we took at Vero Beach was this one of our friends Steve and Ann on Tai Ann, they also have a cat Ponce, but we didn't get the camera out for that either. I found this other picture on the internet.

We spent five days at Vero Beach and had a great time. There was a free bus that took you to grocery stores, West Marine and a Mall. We managed to spend a little money provisioning the boat, buying a cell phone (we are in the US now you know) and a new pet. This is Polly our new parrot. He is very friendly and has a large vocabulary, although some might call him a potty mouth we enjoy his insults. If you want to hear what Polly says click on the link but - not if you are easily offended. To get back to the blog just click the back button on your browser. He looks so innocent too.

We left Vero Beach rather reluctantly, because we were having a great time but we needed to move on and headed over to Cocoa Beach for an overnighter. We traveled for several more days stopping to eat and sleep when we had enough travel for the day. We finally decided to find a spot to leave the boat so that we could find a place to stay. We wanted to get out into the ocean and sail as time was passing and hurricane season start was a few days away. So it was the day before Memorial Day Weekend and we decided to go up the St. John River towards Jacksonville and stay at the Seafarer's marina. We would rent a car and travel up the coast to find our marina. Well that was the plan anyway, what really happened is in the Seafarer's Marina update.

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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