Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Georgetown Update

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We're still here in Georgetown. We had planned on leaving this morning but the weather is a little unstable up north where we are heading, so we will wait until tomorrow and see what happens. We have been spending a lot time waiting for weather here in the Bahamas. It's unfortunate because we may have to hurry through the islands so we can get to the States by mid May.
This is Lake Victoria, a small lake located just inside the bay. You can park your dinghy here to go to the grocery store and get fuel or go to a restaurant. Most of the businesses are located around the lake. One of the grocery stores is located under a local hall.
This is Eddy's Edgewater Cafe (yellow building with blue railing), we had breakfast here one morning. You could choose from the local dishes of boiled fish, tuna and grits or an American type breakfast with eggs. We had the egg sandwich. The small yellow building is where we purchased a Wi-Fi internet card for seven days at $15. The guy comes out of the building, hands you a card and takes your money - there was a dog behind a tarp that we couldn't see that was growling at us.
This is the Marina at Georgetown.
Some birds hanging out on the pier at the Marina.
A couple more view of the Georgetown anchorage.
Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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