Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bonaire Night Diving


Kim Night DiveHere are some pictures from night dives in Bonaire. This dive was the reef that lies just behind our boats on the mooring balls.

These pictures are Trumpet fish that are trying to hide in the coral. They stay upside down and swing with the current.

Here is a picture of a squid. Kim had her light on it and it was just swimming straight into the light.

Tarpon are huge fish that are very curious and will approach you at night. The one we saw at night is to the left. We also saw some in the daytime, to the right, in one spot we saw a school of about 7. They also sometimes just lay in the water motionless.

Eels just swim about at night, or stick their head out of the coral to catch their prey.

Here is a little reef crab, Mike spotted.

In this picture, look to the top - center/right and you can see two fire worms.
Cheers, Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

1 comment :

  1. Gary Marcum9:36 PM

    Wow, great photos. Keep them coming and be safe. Remember to breeaaathheee.
    Gary from El Gato Lane



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