Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aves De Sotavento

Our last stop before we get to Bonaire is Aves Do Sotavento. We arrive and overnight there. We left at dawn the next morning, but we still had an adventure there. The snorkeling was pretty good right off the boat. We had the anchorage all to ourselves, and the holding was GREAT. The island was a long white beach with a palm tree on it, our favorite. We thought that we might bypass the Coasta Guardia here, but they came out to us!!!! They wanted to come aboard, so we said okay....they didn't speak much English, however, with our limited espaniol and their limited english...we actually communicated quite well. They became extremely nice when Mike asked if he could take their picture, there was lots of posing. We enjoyed meeting them.

We snorkled, went to sleep and left early the next day, to arrive in Bonaire in the early light of day. The sail to Bonaire was excellent, we flew the spinnaker until we got to island. The seas started to build as we got closer to the island, but with the spinnaker we were still handling it all quite well. Once we turned the corner of the island, we had a wonderful sail, even when the winds kicked up to 30+ knots. The island shields the seas so it was a nice run, except that we had to pick up a mooring ball. In that kind of wind - seas or not - it ain't easy. We finally found a mooring and were very happy that Pizzazz a boat anchored here got in their dinghy to help us get the mooring. These moorings are very easy to pick up but with 26 knots of wind on your nose it was hairy ball weiner - as Tim McCurdy would say - so we are in Bonaire, safe, sound and diving like maniacs. Life is GOOD :)

Till next time, Mike and Kim

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