Monday, October 02, 2006

Linda and Tom in Venezuela


Hola, Kim's sister Linda and her husband Tom made it safe and sound to Venezuela. They stopped overnight in Caracas then headed to Barcelona. When they got off the plane, they were looking a little pale....but we fixed that!! They both left tan and/or red :)

We didn't stay in the Marina long, just long enough to get provisions, then headed out to Isla Tortuga. We didn't have much wind but were able to sail part of the way. We ended up motor sailing the rest of the way. Linda and Tom were great crew and we arrived in one piece. We stopped at the first anchorage to overnight and then we planned to head out to Los Tortuguillas. The first night there, however, we had some unexpected flying guests. They covered the boat right about dinner time. Captain Mike had a hard time trying to keep them off the steaks that were barbequeing. Kim was glad to be a vegetarian that night :)

It was very hot out there this time of year and it was hard to keep Linda and Tom inside the boat. Unlike the Marina where there is air conditioning, when we are on the hook we spend most of our time in our outside living room - the cockpit.

Linda and Tom quickly adapted to boat life. Linda spent most of the time in the water, it was very HOT!! Tom on the other hand found it very relaxing and took the time to nap a bit. After breakfast we usually relaxed a bit, explored, played Bocci Ball on the beach, then finished the evening with Dominoes. Mexican Train Dominoes was our game of choice. Tom did catch a huge tuna of some sort on the way to Los Tortuguillas. It was enough for a couple of steaks and Kim had a good dinner :). He had a very rough time hauling this one took quite a bit of effort.

Los Tortuguillas was very nice and we had the anchorage to ourselves most of the time. The fisherman would come in the day then head out at night. The anchorage had many mosquitos so we ended up anchoring as far from shore as possible. We did a lot of snorkeling and Bocci Ball playing here. Tom had quite a technic and quickly dominated the game. Linda enjoyed steering the boat at anchor and Tom and Mike had far too many tequilas. We did buy a lobster tail here from one of the fishing boats and it was enough for the four of us.

We spent the majority of the time at Los Tortuguillas then headed back to the first anchorage to overnight before coming back to Bahia Redonda. As we were exploring the island we found a little posada and restaurant on the other side of the island. (Their website is We were sooo excited to get a very cold cervaza and a fish lunch. They are located right next to the airport but we did not find this place when we were here with Kristopher. It seems that they tried to advertise once on the other side of the island where the boats are, but someone came and cut there sign down. I guess there is another place at the end of the island that has a restuarant too, and didn't like the competition. We never found that place. Anyway they don't advertise anymore, just hope for word of mouth. There are other bungaloes located in the area where people stay. We waited in the lounge while the chef Joaney, prepared a Pescado lunch. Whole red snapper, breaded and deep fried with papa fritas (french fries) and ensalada (salad). For desert we had peaches and cream and then some coffee for Tom. It was a great lunch with a great atmosphere and fantastic service and company.

It was expensive because they have to fly everything in, but it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cervazas were cold and the service was excellant. The manager Nelson shared much about the business and the island with us.

Captain Mike was very happy after the meal. Here is a picture of Nelson, Kim, Joaney and Linda. They had quite a few dogs and a really cute cat on the island. The dog that looks like he is growling is actually smiling. Nelson tells him to smile and he does. The dogs eat lizards and fish, and snack on dog food. The cat also eats fish and whatever else she can find on the island. They seem very happy and well cared for. Ciao, Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    looks like you guya totally had fun -

  2. We had a great time, Tortuga is a beautiful, peaceful island. Can't wait to go back!



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