Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aunt Mardy

Heart breaking news, my aunt Mardy has passed away at 86. She's the last sister on my mom's side of the family. The memories I remember the most are when my aunts and uncle got together there was joking and roaring laughter nonstop. This was their trademark, my dad would jokingly say, heee gods your mothers sisters are coming they're going to be up all night giggling!

To Aunt Mardy, Aunt Philis, Aunt Tootie and my Mom Weedie & Dad Bob you will forever be in our hearts


  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    so sorry Mike for such a great loss - lovely woman!! love you mp

  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    What a lovely memory, giggling girls!
    It doesn't get better than that.
    Bev & Paul

  3. Truly sorry for your loss... seems like all I do is go to funerals anymore... that’s the curse of being in your forty something’s I guess... Its sad realizing the older generation is going way and we are the replacements for them... Soon enough we will go away… Did you read about the last soldier surviving from California who fought in WW1 just died recently... the very last one… its very sad as history died with him



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