Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hello...we are currently in Dominica - arrived yesterday, 3/28/06 from the Saintes off of Guadeloupe. It is very beautiful here, the island is very green and lush. They say that when Christopher Columbus tried to explain the topography and landscape to the Queen of Spain he had to resort to crumpling a piece a paper and dropping it, this showed how the land was laid out. We will be doing a few tours here to see the Indian River and then inland to see a waterfall, not sure exactly what yet, they have guides and we'll find out which tours are good ones. The guides come to your boat and are very friendly. They used to have a problem here with the guides coming out of everywhere and some not so knowledgeable, or honest. The have created an association of river guides now and if you chose one of these, you will do well. They also have boat vendors coming out on surfboards. They will sell you fresh fruit or take your trash, etc. We'll put some more pictures on the blogger as soon as we can get to an internet cafe, were having too much fun right now though :) There is so much to do here in Dominica that its hard to choose, and we want to keep moving to get south where we might find that secluded beach. Life's a bitch :)))

Hi to John and Barbara Bray who are following our site, thanks for relying the messages to Sheri. And a big thanks to sister Linda who has been helping with our mail and taxes and Robin for the camera parts, and both of them for copying our dvd's for the family, you don't how much this helps us.

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    glad everything is well, any toenail yet? Tab doing good! Bev & Paul



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